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Compensators are the „flexible“ part of an otherwise rigid piping. They serve to absorb movements and vibrations. These movements and vibrations may occur, for example by thermal changes in length ratios, subsidence in the foundation, or movements between pipelines.

There is a distinction between three types of movement:

  • Axial movement
  • Lateral movement
  • Angular movement

The basic element of an expansion joint is the bellow, that is made from an annular corrugated multilayer metal cylinder. The resilience in the axial direction is the bellow given by this construction. All bellows are cold-worked without any heat treatment.

The physical ability of the bellows to absorb movements is limited by the number and height (h) of the shafts, the tube diameter (d), the distance (l), the radius (r) and the number (n) and the thickness (s) of the layers.

A bellow that is designated for an expansion joint, is calculated in accordance with the requirements for movement, pressure, temperature, durability and corrosion.

Our bellows are constructed out of one, two or more layers of austenitic steel. In its standard version, they correspond to material no. 1.4571 (AISI 316Ti), but we also manufacture bellows in alternative materials.