Mordhorst Products

HD hoses (HD 110 / HD 100 / HD 250)

Basis for the design is the DGRL 97/23/EG and the inspection and testing referring to DIN ISO 10380 (10/2003). The flexible hose pipes are constructed, tested and certified for following working pressure and temperature:

  • HD 110 for 110 bar up to 120°C – deliverables diameter: DN 12 up to DN 50
  • HD 100 for 100 bar up to 120°C – deliverables diameter: DN 100
  • HD 250 for 250 bar up to 120°C – deliverables diameter: DN 10 up to DN 16

The flexible hose pipes are covered with an outer rubber lining. The vulcanized rubber outer casing increases the mechanical protection of the flexible hose pipes. By means of a discharging bore at the marking ring an inflation of the rubber outer casing will be avoided. Moreover, the test bore allows a further leakproofness through a usage of a gas detector.


Our high-pressure hoses can be conveniently transported to the construction area. The flexible hose pipes are featured by their small bending radius that makes storage easy.

HD hoses with MH-Securitycoupling:

With flexible hose pipes combined with MH hose connectors on both sides, various lengths of hose pipes can be composed. The system distinguishes itself in the following facts:

  • no overlapping coupling parts
  • rotating without pressure
  • no disengaging under pressure possible

Simple handling:

  • connecting female an male coupling
  • clip on clambing shell
  • turn on safety nut


Yo can mount different kinds of fittings on corrugated hose pipes. Though, it is a requirement that the fitting material is weld able. The fittings will be connected with a special TIG welding technology and under protective gas with the hose line. There are procedure qualifications present for all used welded joints.

Field of application:

  • Condensate discharge: When discharging the condensate, hose pipes are used for draining the collected condensate from reservoirs in condensate traps.
  • Bypass: While repair work on the supply network is done, you can use hose pipes for temporary bypassing of gas. Furthermore, the hose pipes can be interlocked to any lengths. After moving into the open field, the possibly soiled hose pipes can be cleaned easily. The outer protective rubber prevents the stainsess high pressure hose from soiling. The narrow construction of the coupling prevents a snagging, as it can happen while flanging.
  • Block and bleed: During the functional test of gas fittings, hose pipes are used for covering ball valves after their functional check. From the upstream network gas under pressure will be conducted in the relaxed area of the valve to produce pressure compensation before opening.
  • Supply shortfall: During operational shutdowns by consumers or industrial consumers you can use hose pipes for a temporarily passing of gas. Hose pipes, that are mounted on mobile high pressure cylinder trolleys, can be used for gas supply in a closed off network area. The outer protective rubber lining protects the stainless steel high pressure hose from damage during moving on stony subsoil.