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In comparison with standard connection technology, there are major application-specific benefits:

  • The connection is slim, short in length, and does not project outside the cross-section of the hose line. For machinery in constant motion, the service pipework does not hang down, and there is no danger of tearing-off.
  • The positive locking of the clamping shell with the hose connection pieces ensure optimum power transfer.
  • The hosing sections remain rotatable with or against each other, and thus prevent damage to hose ones from incorrect installation.
  • The connection can no longer be broken by pressurzation, and accidents are prevented.
  • Installation is simple, rapid, and does not require additional tools.
  • There is no need to additionally provide separate fixing, connecting and sealing materials.
  • Connection is simpler than with comparable systems.

Here is our product-range:

  • MH-SSKV-male nipple screw in adaptor with male thread
  • MH-SSKV-male ferrule screw in adaptor with male thread
  • MH-SSKV-female nipple screw in adaptor with female thread
  • MH-SSKV-male ferrule screw in adaptor with female thread
  • MH-SSKV female-T-adaptor
  • MH-SSKV elbow adaptor
  • MH-SSKV male-female-elbow-adator
  • MH-SSKV Ball valve with nipple and ferrule
  • MH-SSKV-Plug
  • MH-SSKV-Cap
  • MH-SSKV Ferrule and Nipple as welding armature

The MH-SSKV Safety Coupling is variable for welding with different connectors. All Couplings are being controlled and tested. On request you can receive test certificats for pressure and test certificats for material we use for our couplings.

We produce our MH-SSKV-Coupling from Diameter DN 6 up to diameter DN 150 and for a maximum pressure of 500 bar. Field of applications for example are the gas industrie and paper-industrie and many more.

Connection type
Inner thread
Outer thread
Welding end